Rain, catterpillars and waiting patiently

This week has been a quiet one for us. Ireland has been reminded of what rain looks like! While it’s nice to have a break from Mediterranean heat, it puts a pause on our plans to clear the ground on the acre.


We are currently debating getting goats once done. He thinks it’ll be way too soon, yet I dont see how else we will get rid of a blackcurrant bush the size of my current garden.

We’ve tasted our first batch of homemade wine. I think the elderflower will have to mature more for flavour, and it was a tad weak. But there’s always something about homemade things that make it taste sweeter,  despite the faults. The Joker made another wurzel this week of cranberry wine.

Thats blu tack in place of a stopper.

Ive been researching a lot on heirloom plants we might grow for our plot. We managed to scribble up a plan for where things will go. This sits happily on a shelf to remind us of the adventure that awaits..

I’m known for my thrifty ways among friends. I enjoy frugality; it breeds creation and contentment with what yoy have. In fact, I get rather upset about the waste and rubbish we all create.. all the skips households need in order to make way for more things. This week I was rather shocked at the price of food. I knew it was high, but I just couldn’t seem to squash it right down. I need to eat! It saddens me that I must pay so much for a basket of veg, that will have been sprayed and treated also. I cannot wait to taste my carrots- the Joker says they will taste sweeter than I can imagine

(That’s a dresser, made into a raised bed)

My plants are so few, but bring a lot of tranquility.  I cannot wait to stand at my door and look out at nature in abundance.



This is a mystery heirloom squash I brought home from a farmers market this week.


Our first ever pepper!


This, sadly happened so fast I was left scratching my head…. until I found these:

Little green catterpillars… Believing that I dont own this earth, im not off to grab some poison to wash them away. They have as much of a place here as I do. Yet, Im not happy to let them ravage the plants either. So, time to boil the kettle and research what else I can do.

I would love to hear your thoughts on goats, heirloom plants, catterpillar control or anythin else

Well wishes xx

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