Everything for sale

‘Its been a weird week to know you’- The Joker’s best friend.


Indeed, I can only imagine how the view looks from the outside. Even my past self would stare, mouth agape. Yet, here I am -home made apple wine I  hand raising a toast to the rest of life! I used to spend a lot of time feeling the best days had passed. How niave of me.. Life is what you make it (and a string of those clichéd-but-true sentiments)

Have you ever stared out the window in a trapped sort of way? Ive been doing that for years. I’m far away day dreaming and making grand plans for myself, but never actually doing anything.

We viewed the mobile home.. It was a sweaty, nervous drive with very tired children in tow (thanks a million to my wonderful friend). We followed country directions down a road ‘to the red van’ and ‘you’ll see a man a man in a feild’. There were lota of men in fields,  all with eyes on us.

The moment I stepped out of that car and looked at the Joker, we just knew. I tried my damned hardest to find fault with the home so it would be ok to not afford it. But it wasnt so. Batman brought his friend into his future bedroom and proclaimed ‘my room!!’. My friend pimped us up as we checked fixtures and bit fingernails.

The children went off to play with the crazy kid (yep,  a goat) in the feild.  They said they would think about giving us the goat. Such nice people. How do you come right out and say ‘I have no money to give you,  my shoe has a hole in it and I skipped dinner today’.? Yes, we have some. But nothing we can give right now. Here’s how: you take a big enough breath to feel dizzy and go for it.. I worked through kinks and assured them we would take it, and at full price.

As it turns out, some people are nice enough to give you a chance. We had to scrimp and borrow to get 100 today to get the ad offline. In less than 7 days we need 400 for the rest of the deposit. Then they will be patient with us as we get them the lump sum (by around mid Sept, I guess).

I had to ask myself possibly the most defining question on the drive home.
‘If I want to simplify my life, then does anything I own matter?’
‘Can I really be immaterial? ‘
That’s the moment I decided that everything is for sale. Its only stuff. Its not memories or dreams. Stuff is expendable, replaceable- it is never constant. If we are going to move, it needs to be suitable and sustainable.  This home is.

24 hours later the entire contents of my home are up for debate. My phone has needed constant charge. Ive not had as much luck as I’d like, people offering to pay in one or two weeks. Still, I will keep on hoping,  smiling and dreaming. We are on the way!!! (Hopefully)

(Im not going to go all beggar on this: but I thought id give a mention to the new set up- we now have a donate button on the ‘about’ page.  It won’t buy us a home, but even a euro will still see a good use.)


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