There is a light

I realise that I wrote with raw emotions in my last post. I simply could not hold back. I expect setbacks, I just hadn’t planned for such a heart wrenching spanner in the works. It is hard to watch those you love sink so far down. It’s hard to stand by and let it pass.

No fear, I promised this would be an account of how it really happened. I want to know, and show that it can happen. A simple life in these times is possible.

A blog I follow – had just the post to cheer me up. A post about living a simple life,  without money.

We fell backwards and depleated our store of wine tonight. Born from it was our plan B. We will still ‘go in search of the good life’. Perhaps it will take us further afield.  Until then I share with you the sight from my window. One I hope to see more of.


Our tomatoes are also showing up. It won’t be long until we taste our first pepper. The Chammomile is in abundance!

There is always beauty in this world. Don’t believe otherwise.

2 thoughts on “There is a light

    • Thank you Bridget for your kind words. You are right, we’ll go knocking on doors if they don’t open- who knows what we will find! 😉

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