Simplifying, up cycling and adventures at school


Yesterday was my little boy’s first big adventure. He left this house my baby and came back more independent. He has  never gone too far, or without the knowledge he can ring me at any time. Yet, yesterday was the beginning of him really growing up. He started school.


In all the natural things I have seen on this earth- nothing comes close to both the pride and protectiveness you feel as you let go and leave them with their teacher. I had his arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace- and as much as I didn’t want it to end- I had to encourage him to go. A montage of our life together played around in my head between bursts of worry on those short hours apart. I felt finality in him clung to me in that way. On the second day I even wondered how many more times he will kiss me goodbye. I just hope that I have taught him enough to be ok when we are apart.

We are all adjusting to a new life. It may not have been the one we chose when I started blogging. But its wonderful all the same. I find so much inner change going on too; the joker checking ingredient lists on lunchbox snacks and us debating what’s frugal and healthy in a supermarket isle.

We have decided to declutter and simplify our lives. I am donating clothes,  books and whatever I can live without. There is so much we can do without.


Someone donated a bucket of paint, and we have begun cleaning and clearing our home. Instead of filling it with things, we want space for memories. Having stopped using the kitchen table as a place for washing and letters, we enjoyed a family dinner.


I worry about waste. As many of my neighbours put out skip bags, I find this so heavy on my conscience. This unit is sturdy but has seen better days. I have decided to up cycle it with a stack of scratched cds. Its something that can’t be bought, saves waste and lets the creative side out. Im eager to find more uses for the things that should otherwise be dumped. And id like to start making responsible purchases; buy things built to last. Ideally we would like to get to a point where we no longer buy anything new. There is enough out there second hand. Of course this means finding wooden toothbrushes ect. Any advice would greatly be received.

The weather is picking up here again and giving a last burst of heat. Time for blackberry picking!


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