High hopes

Today I’m back in swing, with butterflies in my tummy. I have fallen in love with a mobile home. Its nicer than my own apartment! And probably as big. Central heating, fully furnished kitchen with -I dont know why- a dishwasher!  Its more than a mobile home.  Its original value is upwards of 8, 000. Yep, I spluttered when I read that. And since the owners have put in central heating and made it even more cosy, they are being generous asking 4, 000euro.

But that’s 4000 we dont have. Our max limit is 3000 including sale of former batchelor pad. I wrote to the seller asking if we could work, trade or pretty much do anything to reduce the price. But jeepers, they are already more than fair. I have to go see it, even if its self-torture.

Im sitting in a house that’s never felt like a home with possessions I dont care for, and could easily sell. But I doubt it will be enough. I could offer a small sum as deposit,  come back with three thousand and pay the rest in bank drafts… Or I could stop dreaming and go do something useful. I think this is what the Joker will say. Hes the realist, I’m the optimist.

Anyone want to buy a kidney?