All the leaves are brown


Autumn is in full swing. The leaves are rustling on the ground. Ive always enjoyed the crunching sound of autumn leaves underfoot.


We have been very busy this month on foraging trips. I hadn’t expected my Batman to take so much enjoyment from picking fruits and learning about nature,  but he’s hooked! Today he brought me back a berry to look up in our foraging books and identify it. I hope our trips out will make life-long memories.


Batman has settled at school,  and as little boys do- he tells me very little. I love that his school has no uniform. There are children running in every morning full of colour and joy. I am happy that every child feels free to be themselves.  I remember my uniform- it was grey!


As I’ve mentioned plenty- I love to craft. I can sew, cross-stitch and knit. Perhaps not very skillfully, but I get there all the same. Last year was my first successful ‘handmade Christmas’ (I had tried and failed 4 years running). Everyone received gifts of bathbombs, shower scrubs ect. Im hoping to add knitting to the list this year. Above is a quick knit scarf Batman has requested.


My hands are stained and pricked from blackberries.


I have yet to gather enough for wine as we all keep stealing them!


There are, however, other edible berries out there for wines. I will try some haw wine (ouch, those thorns hurt!!!), and rowanberry wine. Perhaps the blackberries will have to just make a nice liqueur.



Its time to get the liqueurs ready for Christmas. I wish the wines would be ready… but the magic is in the patience. We have a few wurzels going which will have been fermented and aged by then. The Joker loves wurzel wine for its speediness.


I’m enjoying my last few days of being home before the mad rush of college. We are still cleaning,  clearing and adding some nice touches to our home. It already feels so nice to be within these walls. I’ll say it again; all the stuff you think you can’t live without drags you down. I’ve had little time to prepare our foraged food so its all backed up in the freezer.  Tonight I can feel the sniffles coming so I’m using it as an excuse for elderberry syrup.

I’ll post of recipes as I go.


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